Flying Buzzard                   Phase 2 -- Re-modelling


Winter weather. Maryport, March 2006.

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Phase 1 - Re-powering
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With the new diesel engine running Mike and Julie next carried out major internal alterations to the Flying Buzzard. A floor was welded in place over the new engine in the formerly cavernous engine-room. Floors and accommodation were built in the enormous old boiler-room, now redundant. The glass-deck in the funnel provided light for the atrium. The 88 tonne (20,000-gallon) fuel tanks, which had been partially removed by the previous owner, were re-built .
Oak panelling and cabinets were taken out of a Maryport pub to re-furnish Flying Buzzard's wheelhouse (still fitted with original wheel and binnacle), new galley and living area.
A setback came with a fire aboard in December 2005, with extensive smoke damage. But Nelder and Jessop recouped and carried on.


Down she goes. Mike Nelder guides steel plates for the new diesel tanks.

As she was ... plenty of room for improvement

But finally ... a real cabin!


...... and from below. A funnel with a view.                And atrium too.

  Take a big hole ...


Build a floor 

.. and create a home.

 Cut out a wall ...

Pour a cement floor ... and build a new galley.
 ... and (sometimes) relax and have fun!!



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